Gratis Success Story

Gratis, the leader of the most extensive store network in the personal care sector in Turkey, brings more than 30,000 products in different categories to consumers. Gratis’ in-house brand Gratis Beaulis offers a wide range of trendy beauty products for young women. They preferred to work with Upfilts for their marketing campaign by offering a virtual makeup try-on solution powered by Beauty AR technology.


Consumers’ shopping habits are rapidly changing and brands want to go beyond physical store experiences. They want to offer their customers more accessible and faster shopping options. Gratis launched an attractive advertising campaign to increase brand awareness and sales by collaborating with Upfilts. Also, Gratis has produced successful campaigns with Upfilts’ unique technology. Users could see Gratis Beaulis products’ applications on their faces. The experience is not different than the real application. The Augmented Reality ads were optimized for sales, giving people the option to purchase after virtually trying on products through the filters. This innovative approach has had a direct impact on conversion rates, online sales, as well as offline sales.

The challenge is to give the same result in different light conditions, skin tones, product colors, and areas of the face. An innovative approach was necessary for solving these tricks.


With the partnership of Upfilts, Gratis brought the experience of its products to digital and reached thousands of new users with a virtual try-on function. This digital process turned followers into clients.

Upfilts’ tech was developed to adapt to every skin in every condition, detect many points on the face, and provide an experience close to the physical try-on experience.

Gratis launched two augmented reality ads: one for eye and one for lip products. Many points are detected on the facial area so that products give the best results on the applied area. With the artificial intelligence software developed by Upfilts, the algorithm improves and educates itself after each try on. The more data and trials there are, the more it gives better results.

Web and mobile screen

On the web and mobile screens, users can switch from banner to product with one click and start trying on the products.

Social media accounts

Users can discover a variety of products by trying filters on Gratis social media accounts.


For users to purchase an item they didn’t use before, it’s essential to go to the store and try it or get recommendations from the sales representatives. This broken process has shifted with the AR Beauty technology to become more sustainable and innovative. Trying products is now faster and healthier, so users can try makeup products confidently by saving time and avoiding any damage & disease on their skin.

Being able to quickly experience the products advertised in the advertisement and get results that are very close to reality strengthens the interaction between the customer and the brand and directly affects the sales rates.

1,182 online sales achieved via Augmented Reality ads

Gratis Beaulis strengthened its brand perception among a wider audience as well as lifted both online sales and in-store purchases.

4.8% increase in offline purchases

Testing products on digital platforms enables users to get ideas for purchasing. It also makes products much more accessible. Reaching more users with its digital advertising campaign, Gratis achieved increases in offline purchases with virtual try-on.

“In this campaign, we aimed to increase the brand recognition and sales. The tests we conducted allowed us to create the right combination of creative formats and strategies during the campaign preparation. As a result, we succeeded in communicating with strong creatives that are compatible with the fast-changing digital world. When all of these components come together correctly, our digital campaigns have an impact on our sales in our physical stores.”

  • Ezgi Toprakkarıştıran Keleş / Digital Marketing Specialist, Gratis
8.9% increase in ad recall

The campaign overall increased brand awareness and impressed a wider range of audiences.

AR filters are not perceived as an advertisement by consumers and are found very funny. They are the golden key for engagement increase. The interaction increases the brand’s awareness by providing more people to see the ad, thus the brand gains the sympathy of the users. The fun experience also triggers users to share filters with their friends to ask for their recommendations and create a viral loop.

The filter is also featured in the Facebook case study! To read more please visit:

Increase in Cross-sell

Users can create look combinations by selecting various products. The users who make different product combinations also spend a longer time in the application.

Prevent Skin Damage for Customers

Trying many products in physical stores can cause skin irritation and is not a healthy option as it might cause contagious diseases like bacterial and viral infections. This problem is eliminated with virtual try-on providing a real and precise look that is no different than a real look.

Disrupting the Future of Makeup with Beauty AR

The journey of creating a success story has transformed the cosmetic market with the beauty filter integrated into social media. So, it has changed the rules of how beauty brands play the competitive game to attract customers. So it will become necessary for brands and indispensable for visionary brands for those who want to step further. Put it briefly, offering beauty AR filters is no longer a luxury but a must to have for brands.

Do you find Gratis inspiring? Would you like to create an innovative experience for your consumers? We’re here to help you achieve that.

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