How to Use Instagram AR Filters to Delight Your Followers?

Recently, social media AR filters have become very popular, especially on Instagram . The effects that can be accessed from the story feature of Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat enable users to try and share these AR filters. You can bring your ideas to life on Instagram AR filters. But if we need to simplify and categorize ideas, we can talk about 4 different categories: Face Filters, Background Filters, AR Objects, and AR Games.

Face Filters

This filter style is a content that you can add various objects and makeup on the faces of users. With AR Face Filters, you can turn your customers into a rabbit or make both try a product you just released.

Background Filters

You can change the background of users with background filters and can take them to anywhere from Hawaii to space.

AR Objects

You can turn objects into 3D effects, besides offering fun and exciting filters to your users. You can also engagingly exhibit your products and let your followers virtually try on your products from social media.

AR Games

Currently, one of the most popular filters on Instagram is AR game filters. With this category, which started with “Which ___ are you?” questions have been asked and  filters have been produced on many topics ranging from Disney characters to drinks. You can also do more than just ask people what they are. Users can fly birds with their eyes and they can bounce balls with their heads.


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